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When I bought her album in Jan I was surprised to like it. I had become a fan. On that premise I bought My December in I was so shocked by the contrast in sound to Breakaway, I sort of gave up on Clarkson. But the songs were there. May it see better days in the future. This pop thumper is actually better than all of them.

I Do Not Hook Up

It marked Clarkson’s second solo country single and her third as a main act, following the country reissue of ” Mr. Know It All ” , and ” Don’t Rush ” It was released as a digital download on June 25, worldwide, making it her first country single to receive an international release. She also noted that Clarkson’s voice is “big and soulful, that’s why this song doesn’t feel, well, married to one genre”, and compared it to a “mid-‘ 90s Alanis Morissette.

The video shows various scenes from weddings, like cutting the cake, brides and bridesmaids, throwing the bouquet, dancing at the wedding reception, walking down the aisle and first kisses. The couples shown include gay couples.

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Clarkson recorded her debut album with RCA Records after having won the highly-publicized first season of the television series American Idol in Though originally marketed as a pop musician, she eventually developed a more rock-oriented image. Her debut album, Thankful, was released in and debuted at 1 on the Billboard with almost , copies sold in its first week, now certified double platinum with over 4.

Her first single, A Moment Like This, broke the record for largest leap to 1, shooting from 52 to 1, where it remained for two weeks. The second single, Miss Independent, was also a success, hitting 1 on the US Top 40 Mainstream chart and remaining there for six weeks. However, Low managed to become a hit in Canada and reached 2. Her second studio album, Breakaway, was released in and debuted at 3 on the Billboard and also at 3 in the UK album charts. It is her biggest selling album to date, selling over 6 million copies in the US and 15 million worldwide, making it the most successful album released so far by an American Idol alumnus.

Arguably her biggest single from the album, Since U Been Gone followed and peaked at 2 on the Billboard Hot and 5 on the UK singles chart, marking the beginning of a successful worldwide music career for Clarkson. Because Of You was then released to huge sucess, hitting 1 in 5 countries, peaking at 7 on both the Billboard Hot and UK singles chart.

Kelly Clarkson

It debuted at number one on the U. Eventually, the album was certified double platinum by the RIAA for sales of two million copies on December 8, and platinum by the CRIA for sales of , copies on February 10, Reviews for the album were generally favorable. However, several critics noted that her early achievement was established due to her performances on American Idol.

Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine praised the album for its vocal ability: She can croon, she can belt out a song, she can be sexy and sassy while still being graceful and as wholesome as the girl next door”.

Single de Kelly Clarkson do álbum All I Ever Wanted; Lançamento 15 de janeiro de () Formato(s) CD “I Do Not Hook Up” () esta mesma vertente foi lançada na loja iTunes e foi incluída na banda sonora Glee: The Music, Volume 2.

In , she made her debut music video appearance for the video ” Before Your Love “, which was immediately released after winning the premiere season of the television series competition American Idol. Thankful was immediately followed by the release of Clarkson’s debut video album Miss Independent that same year. In , a music video for her single ” Breakaway ” was released to promote the Disney feature film The Princess Diaries 2: Clarkson’s second video album Behind Hazel Eyes was released in as a companion piece to Breakaway.

From to , three music videos were released from her fifth studio album Stronger to accompany its singles ” Mr. From to , three music videos were released to promote her first Christmas album Wrapped in Red:

Kelly Clarkson

This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. I have pretty much only thrown like bon jovi and def lepard in my sets as far as this genre of music so i am freeking out a little bit about how to mix it and make it sound good.

Like i am going to do my own set later but at the beginning she wants me to play all this wacky stuff. Keep it simple with the dance-pop stuff and you will be fine.

«I Do Not Hook Up», ամերիկացի երգչուհի Քելլի Քլարկսոնի All I Ever Wanted չորրորդ ստուդիական ալբոմի երկրորդ սինգլը։ Նախապես Քեթի Փերրին երգը գրել էր իր Katy Perry ալբոմի համար։ «I Do Not Hook Up» ռադիոյով թողարկվել է թվականի ապրիլի ին.

Ester Dean, center, has written smash hooks for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Her engineer, Aubry Delaine, whom she calls Big Juice, accompanied her. Dean picked up an iced coffee at a Starbucks on Seventh Avenue, took the elevator up to Roc the Mic, and passed through a lounge that had a pool table covered in taupe-colored felt. Two sets of soundproofed doors led to the control room, a windowless cockpit that might have been the flight deck of a spaceship.

Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen, the team of Norwegian writer-producers professionally known as Stargate, were waiting there for Dean. Dean, who is black, is neither skinny nor tall; she reached up to give them big hugs, which is how she greets almost everyone. They chatted for a while. Sometimes producers send out tracks to more than one top-line writer, which can cause problems. A relatively small number of producers and top-liners create a disproportionately large share of contemporary hits, which may explain why so many of them sound similar.

The producers are almost always male: The top-liners are often, although not always, women: The producer runs the session and serves as creative director of the song, but the top-liner supplies the crucial spark that will determine whether the song is a smash. These are sent out to A.

Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’ album has not even hit stores yet, but she already has her second single picked out. ‘I Do Not Hook Up’ will be her next song to hit airwaves and although isn’t as strong of a track as ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ will probably do very well as it is radio friendly.

Or How to Philosophize with a Hammer, is currently bumping back and forth among the first two spots in the Billboard charts. Turning this into a straight-up top 10 list of best songs inspired by Nietzsche would require me to put these performances in order, which I cannot possibly do. Nietzsche wrote Twilight yes he did in a few weeks during a vacation. The goal was to write a fairly straightforward book that connected with his developing popularity and provided an introduction to his philosophies.

The one-liners are insightful, but more provocative than rigorous. Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage to face what he already knows. Man does not strive for pleasure; only the Englishman does. Partly it is that Sinbad is profound in his own right and can be a lot like Nietzsche. Women are considered profound. Because we never fathom their depths. Thankfully, we have not come to praise Nietzsche, but to explain his relationship with Kelly Clarkson.

Maxim 8 is the famous: First, the lesson comes not from human experience, but from the experience of the natural world — and from the collective natural world, the war college or military school of life, where life indoctrinates and trains its soldiers to fight against one another. Secondly, there is a strangeness to the statement that skirts the edge of horror.

Never Again Chords & Lyrics by Kelly Clarkson

SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. In the early s, a psychologist named J. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity. He challenged research subjects to connect all nine dots using just four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the page.

Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up. April 14, 0. Top 25 Kelly Clarkson Songs; Top Pop Songs; RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You. Kelly Clarkson – Heat. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft. Kelly Clarkson – Move You.

Biografie[ bewerken ] Clarkson bracht haar jeugd door in Texas. Clarksons ouders scheidden toen zij zes jaar oud was. In het nummer Because of You uit heeft ze dit thema verwerkt. Haar broer ging bij haar vader wonen, haar zus bij haar tante en zijzelf bleef bij haar moeder. Clarkson was een meisje dat graag zong en op dertienjarige leeftijd werd haar gevraagd te zingen in het koor van haar middelbare school.

Dit aanbod nam ze aan en vanaf dit moment had ze de kans om haar stem te trainen. Nadat Clarkson het diploma van de middelbare school behaalde, besloot ze samen met een vriendin naar Los Angeles te verhuizen om mee te gaan doen met audities en om demo’s op te sturen naar platenmaatschappijen. Clarkson en haar vriendin waren net een paar uur ingetrokken in hun appartement toen het appartementencomplex volledig uitbrandde. Op het moment van de brand waren zij niet in het gebouw aanwezig.

Kelly Clarkson

Submit questions about Billboard charts, as well as general music musings, to askbb billboard. Please include your first and last name, as well as your city, state and country, if outside the U. Or, tweet gthot20 Hi Gary! She’s the second-best-selling Idol alum, in terms of albums sold: Carrie Underwood leads with 16, , If it doesn’t ascend to No.

Trova il testo di I Do Not Hook Up (Bimbo Jones radio mix) di Kelly Clarkson su Trova il testo di I Do Not Hook Up (Bimbo Jones radio mix) di Kelly Clarkson su

Dressed in black Lucky Brand jeans, silver Chuck Taylors and a nondescript black V-neck tee, and of ordinary size and build, Clarkson looks less like a pop star than anyone else onstage — or off. Standing alongside guest guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith, who even for this run-through is draped in flowing white scarves, she could be the girl from craft services bringing Mr. After she nails a goose-pimply gospel run in the chorus, she mock-introduces Taylor Hicks and the stage manager signals cut.

Clarkson smiles sweetly, finds her mark and runs through it once again. This time, everyone whoops even louder. Clarkson is far too polite and low-maintenance to have caused any fuss while the rehearsals dragged on, but she has little time to waste these days. Her new album, My December, written nearly exclusively by Clarkson to the consternation of her record company, has finally been granted a release date, after a hostile and unusually public battle between her celebrated record company boss, Clive Davis, and her high-profile manager, Jeff Kwatinetz — and several months of prerelease promotion are being squeezed into one.

Hugs exchanged, she finally heads down to the dressing-room area.

HDTV Kelly Clarkson – I Do Not Hook Up (Good Morning America – 20th March 2009)