Books about Basildon

Books about Basildon

Literally parochial stuff, I said. The more so as the first topic I covered was a local riot which had happened more than years ago. But I was wrong. I hadn’t realised how wide-spread a hobby genealogy had become, and I was very soon handling requests for information from the four corners of the globe. And it is the weirdest feeling when the telephone rings in the middle of the afternoon and somebody at the other end says, “Hello, this is the great-great-granddaughter of Robert Holdaway speaking. History dead and buried, I thought. But then this telephone call. Publishing Local History I had originally started taking an interest in the riot as part of a project to write and produce a local community play Riot! This generated enough interest for me to publish a book on the subject at my own expense One Monday in November and it sold well enough to break-even on the cost within six months. That was the start.

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Places in Chapel en le Frith: The church, which was erected at the commencement of the 14th century, has a square tower, in which are six bells; the east end of the church was lengthened some years ago at the expence of a Mrs. Bower, whose daughter bequeathed her harpsichord to the church, with a salary of about 20l. The inhabitants are chiefly supported by the manufacture of cotton.

Dating Postcards ­­­­­­ There are several ways to date postcards that are seemingly undated. This page provides a few general methods for determining a time period or date for postcards.

Introduction The type of gown found in Cardiganshire Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire Caerfyrddin and occasionally to the north and east of these counties normally had a low-cut bodice with short sleeves and integral long tail. Almost every one was made of very dark blue or black flannel with red stripes. The skirt was normally of a matching fabric The distinctive fabric used for these gowns and skirts was not used for any other purpose, except briefly for trousers see below.

A few other museums have examples e. For more see gowns and bedgowns Survival Of the surviving gowns, these are by far the most numerous over 80 are known to survive and it is this type which became adopted towards the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century as part of the national costume, especially for folk dancers.

Their survival may reflect the preservation of objects and traditions which appear to have lasted longer in Cardiganshire than any other county in Wales.


This Francis Frith view doesn’t appear in their online collection featured on this site. It does show the cottages in the original Salisbury Square and Jacob’s Ladder — the flight of steps on the right — leading up to Church Street. The cottages once housed men of the Hertfordshire Militia. St Ethelreda’s Church is visible without a steeple indicating this picture was taken after

She refers the user to Prairie Fires and Paper Moons by Hal Morgan and Andreas Brown (Boston: David R. Godine, ) and “Dating Post Real Photo Postcards,” by Ernest G. Covington, in Postcard Collector, July , pages

Combining these with the activities of the Fossil Festival, Lifeboat Week, and Regatta and Carnival Week produces a grand total of some maritime-linked events in Lyme over the last 12 months The idea for a year-long promotional campaign was initiated by the museum and developed at public meetings in During the year the museum, with boatbuilder Gail McGarva, ran a major maritime heritage project based around the lerret, an historic Dorset fishing vessel.

One workshop, Photographing Maritime Lyme, run for the first time by local photographers Peter Wiles and Maisie Hill, was so successful that it will be repeated next year The statistics behind the Maritime Lyme promotion speak for themselves: Thanks to them we have been able to run a great project that has encouraged different parts of the town and different people to work together. And a big thank you is owed to the local newspapers and journalists who reported on the Maritime Lyme events and, of course, to all the groups and individuals who took part in the project.

Built by Gail McGarva Littlesea is a foot wooden boat resembling the 17th century fishing boats native to the Dorset coast. This double-ended clinker vessel was constructed without drawings, taking the lines of the last sea-worthy lerret of named Vera.

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Researched – Evaluated Thomas Sydney Cooper: Researched and identified as misattributed. Completed, legitimate posthumous re strike.

Old Picture Postcard: Postcard Museum. Dating Frith Postcards. The Royal Mail first allowed the sending of privately-produced illustrated cards (picture postcards) in September , and many millions have been bought and posted since that date.

He was also a keen rower. From records in Headley [Mr Laverty’s notebooks], we note that his mother lived at Wishanger Lodge and died in James bought Headley Mill Farm Local memories of him [by Sue Allden]: He used to eat meat, but then said to Wakeford the butcher, ‘No more steak from you’, and became vegetarian. Used to cycle everywhere, even up to London.

He was a local Councillor, being successively chairman of both Headley and Whitehill Parish Councils, and was known as a local benefactor. He says in the introduction to ‘Grass for All’ that he left Headley for London in He died in

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Salmon Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent. Like Jarrolds, the firm is still trading and managed by members of the Salmon family, to this day, and continues to produce a range of Guide Books and Postcards at their factory in Sevenoaks. The company also produces a large range of Calendars, Greetings Cards and other stationery products at their factory and further information can be found at:

Post Card History and Dating Methods. Although the world’s first picture post cards date from the s to the mids, post cards, as we know them, came into being in the United States about

Tim Sandles May 17, Aspects Of Dartmoor Leave a comment 2, Views When on holiday most people like to send postcards of places they have visited to their family and friends, either to show where there are or what they have seen, maybe rather cynically even to brag about where they are. Perhaps in this day and age of instant media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and a host of other such apps the good old fashioned postcards days are numbered.

However, visit any Dartmoor gift shop and you will still see racks and racks of scenic postcards, many showing the obligatory Dartmoor pony, slowly spinning around in the breeze. Or even more annoyingly spinning around whilst you are viewing them by someone else on the other side. For a couple of centuries now postcards have provided an income both for the folk who took the original photograph, the publishers and the vendors who also sold postage stamps.

In most circumstances these cards would be delivered locally on the same day. Then in the first picture postcards were introduced in the United Kingdom and whereas previously the Post Office had the sole rights permission was granted for other people to publish them. These were smaller than the original postcards and measured 12cm x 8. In the sizes increased to In those days it was not the done thing to write personal messages for all and sundry to see but some people would write around the edge of the front picture nevertheless.

Finally in most postcards were printed with a picture on the front and the back was divided in two by a line down the middle allowing the address to go on the right-hand side and a message on the left. The introduction of the two-sided postcard along with the greater mobility of the population saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of sending postcards.

In the case of Dartmoor most of these depicted either early sepia or black and white photographs or oilette pictures see below.


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Some of us have some that are a few years old now or have relatives or know people who have some older prints, but generally even with these sources available we will find that we want to seek out more older images. There are, luckily, a large number of older images available from a variety of sources and here we are going to explore many of these. There may be restrictions, such as print quality, overprinting or fees those holding the images want, that you may need to consider, especially if you want to publish or reproduce the old image in any way.

You might like to think of the prints falling into five groups: Reproductions that are available copyright free, Public Domain and the like. Reproductions that claim to have copyright, or reproduction fees.

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